Supporting Continent Ostomates for Over 30 Years

In 1985, Kai Rasmussen learned of a promising surgery that would allow people to live appliance-free after the removal of their large intestine.  He worked closely with surgeons and patients to develop the AMPatch®, and started Austin Medical Products, Inc. with his wife Maureen in 1986.

Since then, Austin Medical Products, Inc. has been owned and operated by members of Kai’s family who share his mission to improve the quality of life for all continent ostomates.  The AMPatch® is made here in Portland, Maine, and you when you call the office, you’ll get either Kai’s great nephew Will, Will’s wife, Crystal, or Kai’s great niece Veronica on the line.

As a small family-run business, we have the opportunity to get to know our customers, and we truly enjoy providing a product that makes a difference in their lives.  We also stay in touch with the surgical teams who perform continent ostomies to learn of new advances, or common issues that the continent ostomate may experience, in order to help us develop new styles of the AMPatch®.