Looking to get your AMPatch Stoma Covers covered by Insurance?

You’ll need to order your supplies through a medical supply store, mail-order distributor, or a pharmacy.  Which type of supplier you use is up to you.  You’ll likely need a prescription from your doctor for your AMPatch Stoma Covers, as well as any other supplies you use, such as catheters, skin prep wipes, or irrigation syringes.  You will also need to ask a potential supplier if they are in-network with your insurance provider; if you have Medicare, also ask if they accept assignment.  The UOAA (United Ostomy Association of America) has information on their website that you may find helpful as you begin this process. 

For a list of distributors that currently carry the AMPatch, please call us at 800-223-9310. 

We are also happy to work with your local or independent pharmacy or supply store.  The NCPA (National Community Pharmacists Association) has an independent pharmacy locator on their website.  You will want to find out if they accept assignment, and if they are in-network with your insurance company.  If you would like to order your supplies through a local pharmacy or supply store, please ask them to call us at 800-223-9310 for our wholesale price list.